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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kiefer Sutherland Mentioned in Lou Diamond Phillips Interview

Kiefer Sutherland Mentioned in Lou Diamond Phillips Interview

Q: You’ve worked with Kiefer Sutherland, you guys still buds? Keep in touch etc?”

LDP: I absolutely adore Kiefer. Not only a great actor but one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet with an absolute heart of gold. Having said that, I saw him two months ago and he mooned me through a lobby window at the Chateau Marmont. Given our history together, I had no choice but to moon him back. Drinks ensued. This is the nature of our relationship. I’d crawl through broken glass to work with him again.

Rob writes: “What was it like to work with Kiefer Sutherland again on season 1 of 24 after doing the Young Guns movies? Would you like the opportunity to work with him again?”

LDP: Little bit of an overlap from the last question but I’ll elaborate by pointing out that Kiefer and I have worked on five projects together – Young Guns 1 & 2, Renegades, Picking Up the Pieces (With Woody Allen & Sharon Stone. I hear it’s terrible. I’ve never seen it.) and of course those two eps of 24 in Season 1. I got a call from my agent who informed me they were offering me the role but the script wasn’t written yet. I was told it would be me, Kiefer and Dennis Hopper in a bunker. Sounded like a party to me so I told them I needed to make one call. I called Kiefer on set (he was unaware of the offer) and he told me to say yes immediately. Obviously, I did. He mentioned a project to me in passing the last time I saw him so I have hopes that we’ll be back in the saddle again. He is still one of my favorite people in the biz. Also, just as an added note, don’t remember the season or the ep but Kiefer/Jack Bauer saved my daughter Grace from nerve gas in a mall not too long ago. It was her first professional gig.


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  1. LDP didn't mention two other movies he did with Kiefer: Teresa's Tattoo and Hourglass. Both of them were on the other side of terrible, so maybe LDP didn't want to acknowledge them. Teresa's Tattoo was a project of LDP's girlfriend at the time and Kiefer's bit was an uncredited cameo as a traffic cop. Both LDP and Kiefer's roles in Hourglass had about 30 seconds screen time, which would be a good reason for not remembering them even though both men were fine given the material they had. Doing favors for friends can get you into some really awkward projects.


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