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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kiefer Sutherland Interview from Japan Nov 2010

Kiefer Sutherland
"24 TWENTY FOUR Season"
I respect Jack as a man of character
"24 TWENTY FOUR Season," an exclusive interview with Kiefer Sutherland
Statement coverage: Photo Shinematoudei: Takano Hiromi
Since the U.S. began broadcasting in 2001, drama series has been hugely popular not only country in the world "24 TWENTY FOUR" has finally reached the final season. While serving as a producer of this film, the hero struggles to protect America from terrorists, Kiefer Sutherland plays Jack Bauer has continued, to think of this work has been involved for years, the film finally starts talked about the project.
■ taken every day of the termination, it was full of heart
Q: How about Japan a long time?
What I just arrived yesterday, and I walked alone in the Roppongi district last night. I have to buy shaving cream was not brought to the United States. Trouble at all knowing that the Japanese, the Japanese people for helping me know. So with confidence, you're wonderful to walk out of the country at night.
Q: "24 TWENTY FOUR" has won it great popularity in Japan
It was this work produced over the years, my career and I think was very big in my life. The continued so far, but there was a success from abroad, was hit in Japan since the big opportunity. Without the popularity in this country, I think a big thing in Asia was. So the Japanese fans, I convey the feeling of gratitude from the heart.
Q: Now that the season is complete, please let us know that feeling
I'm proud of every season. Only human, of course, there is also a part called a little better this way, but I look back now if they also had.
Q: The last day of shooting, I remember how it was Rasshaimasu feel?
Six months of filming for the last day, and I was mentally prepared for a long time. And crew of this drama, I have been working together since the first season, with 16 marriages between them, 30 babies were born. From all that has been witnessed, there were more than they're family to me. So when all the shooting, when a word of thanks for telling the crew was just full of heart. Not only may miss the end of this drama, I'm also very painful farewell to everyone in the crew.
■ torture scenes are mentally exhausted
Q: a man named Jack Bauer, do not exist for you?
I love how Jack is a different culture, I'm being too sympathetic to the people of different language speaking countries. And both have been torn between work and family like him, who think the situation so that we can not want for himself, I think that any country as well. The place where the gray area in such a desperately hard for him, I think the sympathy of the audience called, myself, as a man, I felt as an actor very attractive.
Q: Throughout the season, you learn from this drama for?
The normal film and theater, I'll work for every character type change significantly. But the drama played by the same person through several seasons, and I very little change. But in this series, I brought many changes to the inner surface of things happened around him in the play Jack. It is the same life. While eight of the season, more than 100 such changes, his personality began to change. Such experiences will gradually add weight to the role, changing the approach, it was very interesting from an actor was the first time in my life.
Q: I watch this series, as Jack would be able to feel anything. He also played in the field after you feel like that for?
In the field many times I repeat the same actions over and over again. So when you have finished shooting another in the exhausted, but I just want to go home. It is a big difference with what Jack and me. But certainly, I feel like it was a moment many times. And run through the inside of the blast, and I was released to the brink of exploding bombs, I feel it becomes stronger than usual about his.
Q: I have become the talk of the violent torture scenes, the play was hard to do?
Oh I did not particularly tough scene. Bullying behavior and the other called for more than 12 hours, pull out, I get mentally exhausted. So all I had to learn to control his mental state.
In the movie ■, Jack trapped in a terrible state it!
Q: I was a fan I also miss Jack's romance, for love of his circumstances did you think?
His biggest tragedy, a woman he loved everybody ought to have great people, I'm all I think it eventually lost. So one of the girls alone, I think Jack wanted to be happy.
Q: Some Japanese businessmen are busy no time to make love! Some people say, I'm Jack is in love no matter how busy.
I do, "supposed to be yours in a little later they die, just find a person you want to kiss!" There was a philosophy called love. Japanese businessmen are surely busy on par with Jack I think it should not look for a chance to love you when you are riding all Ta even Electro. You're not sure where the girl trapped forever!
Q: In the final season, I have come into contact with grandchildren, Jack scene. Yourself as well, but I have grandchildren, How did they play?
From about 5 seasons, the mood had become quite dark drama, Son Rui Akira It was really there. Jack (the daughter) did not give it to Kim, I think that Shiteyaritai grandchildren. The role of the child was a girl from a cute little grandson, and her scenes they enjoyed playing it. Since my daughter has already graduated from college, to play with crayons and drawing with the children, it was a long time.
Q: Interest in the final season?
Before making this season, and the writers decided, was to highlight the best I'll make every episode. So I think that making high-tension eyes off the screen can be about any moment. Especially the last episode, the crisis has come all the characters, I think that means they want to finish and enjoy!
Q: I looking forward to all the fans, please tell us about the film
While the series continues, even once thought about the film I did not. But now the season is over, we'll be moving towards full-fledged film. The big difference between film and television, the real progress for me, but I can not expand. Until now, the story had a time limit, I move that the United States to Japan in the play but it was impossible for example, in the film from becoming possible, and I think the more interesting around here.However, only one change in the expectations of everyone in the movie Jack that I'm trapped in a terrible state.
A long time in eight seasons, have played the words of Jack Bauer Kiefer, the staff, was full of love and work. Raised so far in this drama, the passion of his crew would love to and because there was. The series is now over, located in the passion he has not gone yet. Minutes traveling time limit has been removed, the potential in the film version of his head further spread said, seemed to her that he has already drawn on the screen by Jack. While looking forward to seeing Jack on the screen again, I want to experience the first shock of the final season!
Source: cinematoday
Source: Google Translation: cinematoday

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