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Monday, January 23, 2012

Kiefer Sutherland Talks TOUCH and the Very Difficult Task of a 24 Movie

Kiefer Sutherland Talks Touch and the "Very Difficult Task" of a 24 Movie

Nobody panic: Jack Bauer is back! Well, Kiefer Sutherland is back...on TV. We'll have to wait a little bit longer for Bauer to save the world again, in the form of a 24 movie.

We talked with Sutherland at Fox's TCA Winners Walk, where he told us why Touch was the show to bring him back to the tube, and when fans can expect that big ol' 24 clock on the big screen…

"We're planning on starting the very end of April, the beginning of May," he reveals to us about the movie adaptation of 24. Hopefully it'll be all systems go by then, because even Sutherland has some qualms about transferring Jack Bauer to the big screen. "I believe very strongly—and I apologize, it's a very difficult task to take what we would do in a season, which would be 24 episodes, and try and condense it into two hours. And so it took us a little while to put that together, but I feel very strongly that we have ...I don't like to say anything is done until it's finished, but we should be starting in May."

Kiefer SutherlandBrian Bowen Smith/FOX
If Kiefer feels confident about it, that's good enough for us. Until May, we get to watch him save the world again in his new drama on Fox, Touch, a role so exciting, Kiefer couldn't say no to it.

"[The show] is based on a Chinese fable called The Red Thread, and in essence it means that all the people that were supposed to come in contact with each other over the course of a lifetime are connected loosely by a red thread around the ankle, and that thread can stretch and it can bend but it can't break," he tells us while we hang on every word. "And somehow in the last hundred years between the Industrial Revolution and the Technological Revolution, we've broken it. And my son is much more highly evolved than I am and can see where it is broken through math and through patterns, and he uses me as his father to try and put all of the pieces back together."

Très intriguing, no? Check out our full interview with Kiefer above, and you can catch a special preview event of Touch on Wednesday, Jan. 25 on Fox.

Are you excited for Kiefer's new show? And do you think 24 could or should be made into a movie?
—Reporting by Kristin Dos Santos

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