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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

24 Star Bob Gunton On Edge of Revealing Secrets

‘24’ Star Bob Gunton on Edge of Revealing Secrets

Monday, April 19, 2010

Posted by Jacob Burch at 11:40:20 PM

Actor Bob Gunton as had an amazing political career onFox’s24. He started in Season 6 as the Secretary of Defense. He was promoted to the Chief of Staff and is now the Secretary of State… and like any good politicianhe thinks before he speaks.

On The Red Carpet found him at the recent Comic Conin Anaheim and tried to get a little 24 preview of him, but we had no luck.

“All I can say is, there are more shocks to come,” he said. “There was a big one last Monday. It was a shock for us too, but there are some really earth-shaking onescoming up.”

We continued our conversation and did find out that those pills he was taken in the recent episodes were actuallyTic-Tacs. He joked, “I may have had a heart attack, but I had the freshest breath in the world.”

We asked him about a possible campaign for Cherry Jones for President, and he started to give us some scoop saying, “I don’t think she’d have it. I know she loves playing the president, but again, there is some stuff coming up that…” but stopped himself before finishing the thought, saying only “You may want to tune in.”

WATCH VIDEO HERE: Ontheredcarpet

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