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Monday, April 19, 2010

Louise Joanne McLellan: My Evening with Kiefer Sutherland

Louise Joanne McLellan:

My evening with Kiefer Sutherland

Friday April 16th 2010, will forever been imprinted on my mind, it was the day I saw Kiefer Sutherland at a BAFTA event held in London. 227 Lucky BAFTA members and members of the public were invited to hear Kiefer talk about his time on 24.

I arrived at The Princess Anne Theater at 17:10 pm and met up with other Kiefer fans who were attending the event we waited outside until 17:40 pm and then went in, there was a short drinks reception before the actual event took place, to say some of us were excited/nervous was an understatement.

At 18:25 PM we were ushered into the main auditorium and we were seated ready for Kiefer himself to appear on the stage. At 18:35PM Kiefer appeared on stage and sat down next to Andrew Collins who was the moderator. We were shown two clips from Season 1, the Jack/Nina confrontation in the parking garage and Jack finding Teri's lifeless body, both powerful scenes in there own right, Kiefer mentioned that the decision to kill off Teri really shook him up and he had a fiery conversation with Stephen Hopkins and Joel Surnow over this decision ( was to be the first of may firey conversations throught the seasons), he was vehemently against the decision to kill off Teri stating that you could not ask fans to go along with Jack trying to protect his family than kill off his wife, but he did say that he and TPTB had MANY angry letters regarding this decison but almost all letter at the end expressed thanks that they took the risk. He also said it was UK viewers that got the remaining 11 eps of S1 picked up, there was a strong following in the US, But ultimately it was the UK fans that got 24 picked up.

We were shown two clips from Season 3, Jack executing Chappelle and Jack chopping Chase's hand off, Kiefer said that Paul Schultz's acting where Ryan was begging Jack to let him end his own life really moved him, he also said that between takes Paul was goofing around but the when the cameras rolled he gave Kiefer goosebumps with his performance, he also said he liked Jon Cassar's directing with the long shot with Chappelle's lifeless body and Jack putting his gun down, he said that was powerful imagery, He mentioned the real life inguries sustained during the shoot and the fight that Jack and Tony had in Season 2 where Kiefer fractured his kneecap and Carlos broke his ankle playing basket ball, and the fight was more like two weedy men fighting :)

Then we were shown two clips from Season 5 Palmers assination and Tony's "death", Kiefer said that there was a sense of sadness when Dennis came to shoot his final scenes and everyone came down to watch the stalwart of the show was going to be killed off, but did say it was the catalyst of the enitire season, with Tony's "death" he said this was VERY difficult to shoot as the Jack/Tony dynamic was that of two best friends and Jack losing his best friend was hard on Jack, to which Andrew said I bet you wish he had stayed dead , meaning Tony's transformation into a cold blooded terrorist in S7, who wanted Jack dead. Kiefer mentioned Chloe briefly but given what we know about recent developments in S8 I think he was trying not to give away how their friendship will end up at the end of the season, I think there's more to come between those two.

We were shown two clips from Season 8 Renee stabbing Vladimer and accidently stabbing Jack, and ( For UK viewers a sneek peek ) Dana's immunity deal conversation talk with Jack, he said that one actor was so brused up at the end of the stabbing/Shooting day.

He also said that something happens soon that will leave Jack Pissed off and that puts him into conflict with trusted allies.

He also talked about how in the 80's Movie actors would not do televison, but shows like ER, Sex and The City have shown that Television is a powerful medium now and there's much less stigma now about doing both.

On a personal note he talked about how his youngest daughter has just graduated from NYU, but hios eldest daughter was not scholastically inclined as he was too, but she has made her way, he talked about how him mum CANNOT watch 24 as it's too intense for her and how Kiefer made the mistake of telling his dad what he was shooting one time for his dad to turn around and say "DON'T TELL ME" he did not want to be spoiled :)

He laso talked about the 24 movie and how there's a script for it and it's going to be a represention of a 24 hour day in 2 hours and will be set in Europe.

The event came to a close at 19:45 PM And Kiefer left the stage but did say "Thanks for coming" to everyone.

He is a super smart , humble, down to earth man and I am VERY lucky to have seen and heard him up close and personal, and I will treasure that night for as long as I live.

Louise McLellan
April 19th 2010

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