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Monday, April 5, 2010

24 Preview: Will The Extremists Get The Upper Hand?

'24' Preview: Will The Extremists Get The Upper Hand?
Henrik Batallones
Staff Writer, BuddyTV

Who among you saw the possibility of President Hassan holding a gun coming?

For me, who was introduced to
Anil Kapoor only through Slumdog Millionaire, I definitely did not.

But his dirtier (for lack of a better term) involvement in last week's
24 sets things up perfectly: there is absolutely nobody you can trust at the moment. At the very least, not your colleagues--Tarin helping the terrorists, Dana acting as a mole within the CTU, even Rob Weiss chickening out and arranging to give Hassan up! And as things get messier than anticipated, with a nuclear device in play and everybody having a stake in it, where else do you go?

24 is two hours long, and as the sun rises--it's six in the morning, and finally, some sunlight!--trusted confidantes turn into enemies of the state. I'll guess Weiss and General Brucker's involvement in the attempts to turn Hassan over to the terrorists will be revealed, especially with Ethan Kanin's life on the line. I'm also guessing (and the promos also suggest this) that Dana's links with the enemy will be revealed. I wonder what Cole will say about this?

And tonight's episode promises that it's just the beginning of all these betrayals. Who else could be working with the enemy? Someone within the Hassan family? Someone critical within the government? Maybe Renee?

But as President Hassan makes a shocking decision (guess: he'll turn himself over to the terrorists) I don't think all of this will matter.
24 runs for two hours tonight and kicks off from 8pm on Fox. With ten more hours remaining, it will definitely go down the wire.

Source: BuddyTV

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