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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kiefer Sutherland 1st Guest on Sky 3D in Germany

Kiefer Sutherland 1st Guest on Sky 3D Lounge in Germany Oct 22, 2010
(This article was translated from German to English)


Jack Bauer in 3D back in Munich

Eight seasons he was the tough CTU agent Jack Bauer.Now the pay-TV channel Sky Kiefer Sutherland won in its new splendor construction to Munich-Unterföhring.There, he was the star guest of a world premiere: Sky signed with an edition of the "Sky Lounge" talk show on the first ever in 3D. And there already Sutherland told his plans for the upcoming "24" movie.

Sky recently launched officially at the Munich Media Days his first 3-D Event Channel. And might even welcome Sky-Germany boss Brian Sullivan in the face of yet manageable market penetration of all viewers of this new channel, in person, are the pay-TV provider further ahead in terms of third dimension. Several hundred guests celebrated with the "Sky Lounge" which, according to Sky world's first talk show in 3D its world premiere.

Presenter Jessica Kastrop was in the foyer of the new Sky headquarters outside Munich welcome a very special guest: Hollywood star Kiefer Sutherland. And the 43-year-old U.S. actor praised the new 3D Techology, even if it is currently "can not yet imagine, and at home to look 3D. Sutherland himself had already worked on a 3D movie. He dubbed the General Monger in "Monsters and Aliens". The animated film was also the first 3D Blu-ray release in the young history of the format. Popular was the rough-warrior since 2001, but above all for his role as CTU agent Jack Bauer, who in eight seasons of "24" series, the United States on his own way against nuclear bombs and terrorists protected.

Jessica Kastrop interviewed Sky Chef Brian Sullivan, both targeted by the new 3D camera

Sutherland, a Europe-Fan

In the talk show that is broadcast on Sky 3D, Sutherland chatted cheerfully about his prominent father, Donald Sutherland, the end of the filming of "24" and the upcoming "24" movie. "He will be released in 2012," the Mime. Sutherland, the day before walked leisurely through his favorite city of Munich revealed also that he would make the film very much in Europe. "This is for someone who comes from a country where no building is over 100 years old, finally understood. But the screenplay is not yet "He promised only have one thing:".. Jack Bauer will have a really bad day "

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