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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breaking 24 News 24 Marathon Fanfest Hollywood California Dec 2, 2010

Breaking 24 News
24 Marathon Fanfest in Hollywood, California
December 2, 2010
Recruiting ALL 24 Fans!
Celebrating the 24 Complete Series DVD Release

Objective: CTU is recruiting the most diehard “24” fans! To celebrate the DVD release of “24” TheComplete Series, with all eight seasons of the adrenaline-charged show, CTU is hosting “The 24 Marathon Fanfest” in Hollywood, California.

Background: At 20:00 on 2 December 2010, “The 24 Marathon Fanfest” will begin and continue until there is only one fan remaining alert for terrorists. Participants will watch back-to-back Jack (continuous episodes of “24” starting with season one). Advanced interrogation techniques such as sleep deprivation will be used to ensure the last person remaining is truly the ultimate “24” fan, and potentially set a new world record for longest TV viewing, which is currently just over three days.

The winning fan will receive $10,000 in cold, hard cash.

For fans not able to participate in the marathon, a Fan Fest area will be set up outside of the viewing arena where spectators can watch the participants, see actual props from the show and meet cast members.

Location: The marathon and Fan Fest are set to take place at the iconic Hollywood and Highland in Hollywood, California; beginning December 2 and extending through the weekend 12/2-12/5.

Additional Intelligence: To enter the challenge, e-mail to receive confirmation and your mission assignment.

Source: Fox and Thinkjam

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