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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kiefer Sutherland Confirms 24 The Movie

Kiefer Confirms 24: The Movie

Posted by Louise McKay on Nov 17th, 2010

At a press conference in Japan, Kiefer Sutherland confirmed what many had been expecting, and fans hoping, that there will definitely be a feature length version of the hit series 24.

When questioned on rumours of a film, Kiefer confirmed that he will reprise his role as former federal agent Jack Bauer.

Jack was last seen on our screens earlier this year in the finale to the eighth and last season of 24. In the last episode, Jack was told by President Taylor that the authorities were coming for him and if he did not want to face the death penalty, then he must “disappear” quickly. The last shot of Jack was from a drone monitoring the area, which captured his first steps towards life on the run. The drone was then shut down and that was it.

This cliffhanger kind of ending, has had fans speculating about the possible plot for a 24 movie as it had left open any number of possibilities.

At the same press conference, Kiefer said that he and the writers of the show (Kiefer is also an Executive Producer on the show) have the aim of bringing various elements to the film that were not possible on the TV series due to its format.

It will be a 2 hour movie respresentation of a 24 hour day, compared to the real-time format of the series, which can allow the writers increased freedom and opens up what they can do with regards to plots and characters.

Kiefer did say that he could not confirm a release date, or even plot details/locations/cast, as the writers took some time off after season 8 finished, and are still developing the script for the film.

24 first appeared on TV back in 2001 and ended with its 192nd episode in May of this year. It’s massive success resulted in many nominations for such prestigious awards like the Emmys, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild, with many wins for both the show and its cast and staff.

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