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Monday, July 12, 2010

Kiefer Sutherland in Copenhagen July 2010

NOTE: This article was translated from Danish to English
Kiefer Sutherland ate lunch at a restaurant in New York 14th June


Finally he got food

'Jack Bauer' in Copenhagen

The Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland was spotted Friday evening in the Copenhagen restaurant 'cooking club' in Pilestraede

Jack Bauer will not be eaten or drunk in the 24-hour television series is supposed to last.

But the actor behind the character, Kiefer Sutherland, enjoyed the Friday evening a small business at the Copenhagen restaurant 'cooking club' in Pilestraede in Copenhagen's inner city.

It was in the evening in the tropical heat of summer in the city, so the restaurant was only half full when the Canadian actress came in the door.

Kiefer Sutherland had brown cargo pants, a green shirt and a dark blue cardigan. And so he wore a heavy bar glasses. When he came in the door, he looked a little around and preferred as a place in the side of the restaurant where he could sit a little for themselves. He ordered a small beer and a small business.

Smoke on the street

When he had taken a few sips of beer, he got up and walked out into the street to smoke. He pulled a little away from the restaurant and walked over to the opposite street corner where he stood with his back to the restaurant.

Kiefer Sutherland is known to react angrily when he is in town. But everything was quiet at the Copenhagen restaurant.

When he had extinguished the cigarette, he came back to his place where entrée stood ready. He ate quickly, drank his beer and asked for the bill.

A fan in the middle thirties walked over to him and exchanged a few words with him. It proceeded without drama. And when the female servant came with the bill, had Kiefer Sutherland also able to give her his autograph.

Altogether actor spent maybe 20 minutes at the restaurant before he again went out in Copenhagen, where he among other things to enjoy some of the last concerts in Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

Peter Aalbæk from Zentropa has been on holiday and had no idea that Sutherland was in the country.

- But it will not surprise me. The recordings of Lars von Trier's new film 'Melancholia' starts a week in Troldhättan in Sweden. And the actors have been here such a little drypvis the last month. Tests clothes, and personal interviews with Lars von Trier before filming starts, says Aalbæk.

Besides Kiefer Sutherland sings Kirsten Dunskt, Charlotte Gain Burg and Charlotte Rambling in 'Melancholia'.


Source: English Translation


  1. Hello Lisa, thanks for this information but she is not Charlotte Gain Burg but Charlotte Gainsbourg, a french singer and actress, Daughter of the famous french singer Serge Gainsbourg. Her mother is Jane Birkin (english woman)and french singer and actress. I wait for pics of Kiefer...
    Your site is great


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