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Friday, July 16, 2010

Kiefer Sutherland in Copenhagen July 2010

But what saves The Danish food?

Kiefer Sutherland to BT: I love Copenhagen!

*NOTE* Article was translated from Danish to English

The star in Lars von Trier's upcoming film 'Melancholia' enjoy summer in the city.

To mock a real Hollywood star, strutting around in Copenhagen setts, is something of a rarity. It happened when the Canadian actor Kiefer Sutherland was seen at the Copenhagen restaurant 'cooking club' in Pilestraede last week.

Since then hunt gone into yet another glimpse of the popular star, which places the body to testosterone-roast Jack Bauer in '24 hours'.

43-year-old Sutherland, who will soon go to Sweden to be part of Lars von Trier's upcoming film 'Melancholia' is still so green-pond, he waded directly into the lion's cave.Specifically, the stores to Berlingske Media's house in Pilestraede where BT once so its cut to get a word with the big star.

- I have been very much around in Copenhagen and have seen different places, "says Sutherland.

- I love Copenhagen. The city has given me much inspiration for the film says the actor, who both have been seen at Amalienborg Palace, and the tavern Wessels Kro.

Unfortunately, it was one of those rare evenings where there was a BT-journalist present. Now. In this world now crossed the star and BTs roads. And what you ask about?

- Have you tasted something delicious Danish food yet?

- I have not tasted traditional Danish food. Not because I do not want to try it, but it has been difficult to find. Instead, I have eaten Chinese twice corresponds Sutherland, who had shaved the beard of since he was photographed at the restaurant 'cooking club'.

He is a nice guy in real life. Maybe a little lower than you expect. But certainly a nice guy.

Yet he is reluctant to be photographed.

- No, I'm not so much the pictures correspond Kiefer Sutherland embarrassed and goes a friendly hand out to say goodbye.

- Now I'm going in Guns & Gents and find props for the film, he says. As it was the most natural in the world. That a star of his caliber, shopping and dragging around on hunting props.

Kiefer's father, actor Donald Sutherland, fills also 75 years Saturday, but there is no time for a trip across the Atlantic. Lars von Trier calls from Swedish Troldhätten where 'Melancholica' record.

Here Kiefer Sutherland star company of Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gain Burg, Charlotte Rampling, John Hurt and True Blood, vampire Alexander Skarsgård.

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