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Friday, May 7, 2010

Breaking News: 24 Showrunner Howard Gordon Talks About The End of 24 and No Happy Endings For Jack Bauer

Breaking News:



But the series, which concludes May 24 on Fox, will have a 'punctuation mark'

By CARL CORTEZ, Contributing Editor


THE SKINNY: In a couple of weeks, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) will clock out for good - at least on television - as Fox's venerable hit 24concludes an amazing eight year run on May 24 with a two-hour series finale.

Today, executive producer and showrunner Howard Gordon spoke with reporters about the end of 24 and offered up his thoughts on where Jack will go from here.

Here's what he had to say ...

"We tried different endings on for size [one where we wanted to leave Jack, and one was the way to go," says Gordon. "One thing we tried and didn't work was a happily every after for Jack. What he's done in the last six episodes, forget about the last season, leaves him in another compromised place morally, ethically and emotionally. This show is a tragedy. To give Jack a happy ending, didn’t feel authentic. We gave him a happy beginning, and someone to care about in the form of Renee and his family, but circumstances dictated a kind of complex confrontation. In the spirit of taking the series to place we haven’t been before, it is emotionally climactic and we're excited about it."

The other question is whether or not Jack can come back from the dark place he's sliding in, after shooting Dana Walsh (Katee Sackoff) in cold blood in retribution for the death of Renee (Annie Wersching).

"That was the question we asked ourselves and studio asked us [and the answer is] 'No,'" says Gordon. "The good part of Jack’s character, and what’s been a good part of the show, we never pressed reset. Jack is a character who you feel the cumulative scars and the weight of his actions for eight years. Even when he’s happy, when introduced Audrey, that didn’t discount the tragedy that preceded it. Jack allowed himself a moment of joy with his daughter, her husband and his granddaughter. It doesn’t discount. I don’t think Jack is every going to recover from what’s gone on and it adds to the weight and complexity of his character. He never goes happily ever after and the show is ultimately a tragedy and you have to play that and honor it."

While Gordon has said in the past that many of the season finales could have served as a series finale, he does note that Season Eight will end on a definitive note to satisfy long-time fans.

"There’s a final moment and very important to the series finale," says Gordon. "It’s a punctuation mark and that is unique to the season finale."

Source: IFMagazine

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